APCO Invites applications from Qualified Passionate Individuals to join us for upcoming and ongoing projects at various locations. For details see the CAREER section.

Roads and EPC workThe National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) embarked on the National Highway Development Programme to strengthen Indias road infrastructure.This entailed connecting various parts of the country through a web of world class highways.

The programme envisaged creating a Golden Quadrilateral with vertices at Delhi, Kolkata,Chennai and Mumbai,aside from constructing North  South and East  West Corridors connecting the length and breadth

Industial and Allied EPC workEnergy is the earth’s most precious resource. Energy creates prosperity. Usable modern energy requires complex infrastructure.

And that’s where Apco, with its proven track record in infrastructure development, steps in to change the landscape of the present and future energy requirements. India’s energy requirement is growing exponentially and the need to find a solution is more pressing than ever before.